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Farren van Wyk (1993) is a South African and Dutch photographer, educator and mentor. She graduated from the University of Arts (HKU) in 2016 where she received her BA degree in Photography after an extensive visual research project with (ex-)gangsters in South African colored communities in her hometown Port Elizabeth. Trying to centralise colored people with dignity and make it a normality. They are beautiful and they matter.

She has been living in The Netherlands for over twenty years and her dual nationality is the crux of her work. The centuries of white western domination that implemented the slave trade, colonisation and apartheid is deeply ingrained in landscape that Farren van Wyk was born in.

This historical and somewhat troubling relationship between these two countries that she calls home sparks a lot of questions that she tries to answer within her photography projects. Most of the questions stay unanswered, but that is also the beauty of the journey.

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